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Another One???

K Really? Dropbox should get a virus scanner because ever since that one person uploaded a Zeus Bot everyone is uploading there viruses, always make sure you know what your visiting and scan the site.
(Im assuming this is a variation of a Trojan Horse not a trojan.gen.2 because it is an .ico icon file, im assuming it has a few extra malicious bites at the end.)

I Knew Dropbox Was A Bad Idea

If someone was to trick you with an adfly link with something you want, you may be paying your computer since this is an invisible and direct download :/
I have learned my lesson on Trojan.Gen's, trust me this is one, i got one once and it almost ate my hard drive, then MBAM saved me since it killed my norton *_*

I Was The ne Who Got The Virus :/

I needed to record my minecraft, which took me to the mediafire link, I always knew mediafire had a direct host for each group of files, and this site was untested till i came along and downloaded this. Something "Interrrupts" the download causing an abortion, possibly leading to an automatic execution of the partially downloaded file, this could also be why norton thinks its a new malware/virus type.

The Guy Below Me Doesnt Know What A Virus Is

Seriously? This is not a good thing because if someone was to trick you with adfly on google chrome, you would download the Trojan and it would execute itself, i tested out this link and norton thanksfully blocked the virus, but 2 hours later detected its temporary malicious scripting files by SONAR :/

False Positive

i beleive that the mkw_codegen_v17_1.msi file is still a false positive, please test and confirm this file is NOT.