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webcrawler is in cahoots with webeasysearch

These are both BOGUS sites, harmful, misleading, rip offs and dangerous. Why is Norton saying they are safe?!!! They are not! I am an honest, Web-careful small biz person and the biz editor of my county's newspaper didn't want to go to my site today because of untrusted warning because of webeasysearch and webcrawler I guess you call it "hijacking" my site. They lead people somewhere else when they are trying to click on link to go to my site instead. This happens to me too; sometimes a google search or prepared link to my site will take me there, and sometimes it takes me to these rip-off webeasysearch and webcrawler teamed up rip-offs. PLEASE MARK THEM AS UNTRUSTED SITES!!!! And email me if you can somehow prevent my site from being connected with them and can mark my site as SAFE but assure that these folks can no longer take people to their site instead!!!

webeasysearch is an UNTRUSTED site!

Just as Jeremy Vernon reported, I have had exactly the same experiences. Webeasysearch apparently hijacks my computer, is some kind of malware or something and instead of taking me to the correct, legitimate site I am trying to access, it takes me to its own page instead. Please alert Web users to this threat by marking webeasysearch as UNTRUSTED.