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Not a safe site anymore

It was 4-5 years ago but definitely not anymore.
On my old computer it had given me drive by downloads (now I have ad block up)
When I went to try it again, it had somehow given me adware (shows up on volume mixer as "name not available) .. it downloaded in the background somehow. I could hear ads playing... that hadn't happened in years... But while it's a rather old school technique, it's still effective in annoying you and slowing your computer down. You can't exit out of such adware,
And never install the extension they offer, I have heard many reports on how it collects all information on your computer (documents even)

Gods and Goddesses?

Randomly opened up a link for a list of gods and goddesses on my iPod. I don't know what that's about but the site seems safe.

Exactly what it says it is

Religious stupidity, fun to laugh at though. Enjoy.


Accidentally clicked on this site in a google search. It may indeed be safe but I didn't stay along to see what exactly was on it.

Arc Games

Official site for Arc Games. It's a platform such as Steam and Origin. Now has Perfect World International and Jade Dynasty on it among other interesting games.