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Funny video

The site is safe.

The site is safe...

...People get easily addicted to this, however.
I don't go on the site myself, but my sister goes on it whenever she has the chance. Some people have anywhere from 10 to 30 of the stuffed animals, but my sister is different. She has 86 (yes, 86!) of the things, and, so far, she has spent over $1200 on them. That's enough to get a decent Alienware laptop! With that being said, she's becoming a Webkinz addict. If you know what's good for you, and want to save a LOT of money, I would suggest staying FAR away from the things.

Powerful protection my sigmoid colon!

Spyhunter doesn't really work at all.
When you get software that's "free to try, pay for removal of viruses and other malware", It falls under one label: Rogueware.
I wouldn't use this crap, even if Enigma Software took me hostage themselves

Fake pharmacy

One of countless spam pharmacies that will bilk you out of your cc details when you buy their products.
Stay away!


Typically, these "free to try, pay to fix" programs are scareware programs, and should not be downloaded. Multiple accounts, made by one person, have inflated this site's rating.
I wouldn't use it on my life, because there are better, FREE, programs that do the job.