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Why would anybody want to watch this crap?
It's likely that fake codecs and all that bullcrap would exist here.


SEO Poisoning redirected me to a Fake AV site that was made on this domain. Domains made here that have the key phrases "scan##", a random name before the co.be portion of the url, and random text after the forward slash are fake av sites. The site states that your computer is infected, and that the site will perform a scan on your system for virii and malware, after which a fake scan shows up. The scan uses random filenames (Most of which are not actual system files), then asks you to download Antivirus Center (and possibly others), which is (are) known to be fake antiviral software.
If you happen to come across one of these sites, make sure you either disconnect your internet before closing the page, or you have Intrusion Prevention enabled on your Norton Antivirus software.


Home of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware , some of the best software on the planet. I use the paid version (the free version works just as well) and it gets the job done, plus some.
Plus, with the newest version (which includes Malwarebytes' Chameleon feature), you can start up Malwarebytes even when it's been blocked by malware.
A genius piece of software that one shouldn't be without.

Holy Mother of Pearl!

Massive amounts of FAV redirects. If you go on this site, your comp will be ravaged by malware
in the group labeled "Spyware.Monster type FAVs"


Malwarebytes' had detected this as a malicious site. Port 5575. type: outgoing. process: iexplore.exe