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Dangerous Programs

The website itself is a place where you can download any kind of program or software. But some of the programs can be dangerous. Beware.

Fake Virus Scanner

When I updated my computer to Windows 10, my sister downloaded SlimCleaner Plus to help "improve" the computer. But then one day I realized it was a fake. It would come up randomly and say that over 2,000 items are detected. When I used Norton (eventually,before I just ignored it because if I had over 2,000 items, my computer would be dead, but it's working perfectly), it said that there were 3 items detected. It was SlimCleaner. Luckily, Norton scanned and removed it successfully. Next time, I will check if the Virus Detecting Program is real or not.

Avoid website at all costs and DO NOT download. People say that it sometimes download itself when you upgrade to Windows 10. If that happens, just open Norton and do a scan. It will detect it. Just fix it and you'll be fine.

Not Sure?

This website is supposed to be about a girl who lost her life to a disease. I'm not sure how this have a Phishing Attack..


Unsafe. Been on this before, it's a fake version of Verizon.