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Shopping online? Use Norton Safe Web.

It's obvious that some Web sites are not safe to visit. But what about shopping online? How do you know that you can trust an online merchant with your credit card? Let us help.

Norton Safe Web now includes information about ecommerce safety. Now you can know before you shop whether an online business sells suspect goods, or if their policy for handling your personal information is suitable.

Ecommerce Safety Information

What does all that ecommerce safety information mean? Find out here.

The highest security safety rating provided by Norton. Web sites that display the Norton Secured Seal have the best security practices in place, giving you the confidence in your transactions and interactions with these sites. With Norton Secured additional information has been verified:

  1. Validated as a legal business entity
  2. Uses best-of-breed encryption technology to protect transactions (NortonLifeLock SSL)
  3. Daily web site malware scanning

This indicates that the merchant is a well-established online retailer.

This designates that the site is an official Web site for the associated business.

This designates that the Web site is an affiliate of the brand owner that reported the Web site.

The business is a member of a group dedicated to fostering trust between businesses and consumers.

The use of Certified SSL to encrypt transactions means that the possibility of a third party eavesdropping on your communications with a Web site is minimized.

The Web site associated with the business has been scanned by a third party scanning service for possible vulnerabilities which might render it open to attack.

This statement means that the site has a description of how the business claims to handle information it collects.

Ecommerce Safety Threats

This indicates that the Web site may be selling or distributing one or more products that are counterfeit or imitations of genuine products.

This indicates that the Web site may be selling one or more products that have been recalled by the manufacturer. Recalled goods may incorporate materials that are potentially harmful.

This indicates that the Web site facilitates the distribution of unauthorized copies of digital content.

Web Nuisances

This indicates a Web site that includes the brand name in the Web site name, but is not affiliated with the brand owner.

This indicates a Web site that includes the brand name in the Web site name, but is not affiliated with the brand owner and contains mostly advertisements or links to pages containing advertisements.

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