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The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra

The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra (NJSO) remains dedicated to providing world-class orchestral performance throughout the state, and to connect with its surrounding communities through a number of diverse educational engagement initiatives. To fulfill this mission, the NJSO performs in seven venues and offers educational programming that allows it to reach nearly all 21 counties. Each year, the Orchestra typically engages more than 150,000 people, including 40,000 young people and their families. Through our great diversity of programming, we hope to ensure that music education and world-class orchestral music performance remain a vibrant and accessible part of the cultural fabric of the state of New Jersey. This website is SAFE.

Liberty Youth Ranch

Liberty Youth Ranch is a long-term children's residential group home for Florida's orphaned, abused, abandoned, neglected, and homeless children, designed to ensure each child's education and eventual high school graduation with a strong emphasis being placed on the uniqueness and inherent worth of each child. This website is SAFE.

Kabbalah Children’s Academy

DO NOT DONATE. This website is SAFE. I rated it in the red because of the report of misuse of funds at Kabbalah Children’s Academy. Please read the following report:

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